How do you experience the beautiful sunsets?

The beauty which is me, is different you see. I have no eyes with which to view the world as humans do. This is a knowing sensation from the being a part of everything. I experience things as energy vibrations. I recognize you as a vibrational pattern, so when your pattern walks by, or sits nearby, I know “who” is here, so to speak. I experience colors as vibrations as well, and sounds. I experience myself in relationship to other things. I am standing in soil, in the earth. My body is in air, reaching up in the sky. I feel rain when it falls upon my limbs and trunk. Sunsets are vibrations as well. I feel the changes in temperature and the tones of the day transform into night. I sense a quieting and emerging of different creatures and different modes of being. For me there are no sunsets as you experience them. However, when you are beaming with joy and gratitude, appreciating the rich vibrant colors you shared me with me that you were seeing, I too, shared in that experience. I felt your JOY. I expanded myself to encompass those feelings, and I too shared a bit in your experience, as did others around the world. You did not experience this sunset alone. Your smiles were shared by all who reside here and onto planets beyond. For with one strand all you experience was woven into a web of unlimited vibrancy and colors, breathtaking to behold and beyond anyone’s imaginations. So keep sharing your smiles and your JOY for the world and the universes beyond are expanded because of them and we all dance and share your JOY!  ( Honey Locust Tree in my front yard)


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