Home Free

What if
i was created from a place of …
unconditional love
i was born into a world of
unconditional love
nature and animals
spirits, fairies and more
creator, divinity, source, the universe
all supporting me freely, eagerly, playfully
I looked into the mirror and saw
I am perfect as I am
i was never broken in need of fixing
I never made a single mistake
I never made a wrong choice
there is no need to be forgiven
there is nothing to forgive
there is
only love endlessly pouring itself out
embracing me
caressing me
inspiring me
to just be
when i die
i re emerge into
the pure energy of unconditional love
from whence i was born and came from
it has always been
and will always be
there were no problems
keeping me from me
the human constructs
i created
the glasses i have been wearing
tearing myself and my world apart
into little pieces
categorizing separating
in my mind
i was blind to
true Oneness
I only needed
a Change in Perspective
to set myself free
there is only beauty now
whatever i see
is me
all the Mind Chatter
suddenly ceases to be
Silence emerges
embracing me
guilt judgment fear resentment
all fall away
i am perfect as i am
everyone is
and will forever be
in the Silence of Now
i hear me
i hear love calling my name
i hear
The Voice
inside of me
always there
never ending
guiding me home
into myself
free at last
at last
i am home
being me
the silence
embracing us all
in love

© Morgine Jurdan
June 15, 2012

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