Creating Joy from Within

Dolphins I swam with near the Bimini Islands off Florida. I gave them names to tell them apart and which one I was communicating with.


Playing and having fun is an essential part of your being. You are meant to create joy from within. It lies inside each human being, inside each heart. Love and joy is all that you are, and yet you cover this up with layers upon layers of other things. You paint yourself over with ideas and beliefs which hide the truth from you. I find magic and love everywhere I look. It comes to me and I live it. Even if I experience something different than I might have imagined, and someone dumps dirty stuff into the ocean. I view it with love. I see it with magical eyes which helps to transport it to a different level. This changes it for me, and I can then experience it differently, if I choose to do so. I do not define my experience with human terms and say, “This is going to be awful. I hate this. This is bad. I am tired of this and this and this.” I am determined that every moment will be magical and I find myself transforming each moment because of the essence of the love that exists inside my heart, and which I share daily with the world and all my other ocean friends. I love being a dolphin or a turtle or a star in the sky. I can shine and shine and smile and laugh and everything changes and I am always me.

Edward more a teenager perhaps?

There is energy to create, which exists in every moment. The opportunity to transform your life from what you have created into something new again and again. I feel you often put yourself on automatic pilot not recognizing that you create. You forget and allow all the ideas of the past, these thoughts and beliefs, to color your days. These are your doubts, your fears, and the stresses you create for yourself, while not recognizing that each moment in your life is an opportunity to begin anew, right now. All of life is created anew in every single moment. There are countless opportunities to see the world in a new way. Life is never finished. It is forever beginning. Magic is the essence of all life. Having what you desire, in life is only a belief away. What kind of day are you having? Is there magic in it? If not, create some for yourself. Tell yourself every day is going to be magical from this moment on. Change who you are, what you are, what you think you can be. Take off those glasses of limitations, those filters which are so encrusted in your ways of being, and throw them away. Allow the ocean of love to wash them away as you swim with us. Your life can be as fun and easy and effortless as ours is.



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