Banana Tree’s Blessing

Remember wine takes time to become all it can be. There is a moment when it reaches that fine state of perfection. There is that moment when you reach that place where you can feel yourself flowing and in alignment with your life. There are many such moments when you are engrossed in doing something you love to do. Time stands still, or it flows right by. You are not paying attention, because you are in the moment with whatever is present in you. The Master paints his mural. The musician is lost in her music. The mother cradles her new child. Life was meant to be like those moments, strung together endlessly creating your own special song. Take time to notice them now more often. Seek them out and live in them longer and longer. Your life will become the tapestry you always dreamed about. It is possible. It was meant to be. Sing your own song of JOY.

Banana Tree in a friend’s yard in Florida


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