the all of it
comes home to me
inside the tunnel
the funnel of life
I break apart
and come together
the feather and I are one
undone into nothingness
and back again
the body whole
taken apart
into the magic
of life
like a dancing feather
the wand upon which
life is created
and me
flying free again
the mist I am
becoming the all
yet again
and again
and again

© Morgine Jurdan 5-15-2011

particles come alive
creation station
flows me
into the sea
of life
the wavering ocean
of particles
forming into shapes
the magic i touch
seems solid
yet if I awaken fully
I see through the ground
and fall quickly
into myself
yet knowing
the miracle of the bed
which holds me

who comes through the door
the wizard or i
yesterdays glimmer
shining in the light
whose shine
and which sun
am I remembering
what place are my feet finding
at home today
is tomorrow a dream of now
i bring forth
do I linger
or are the vibrating
rays of particles
always flowing
from within to without
from the no place
to all places
swirling rainbows of thought
always flickering
into the place
in which I can walk

© Morgine Jurdan

One of my Best Friends, Beau , my beloved Sheltie dog, passed in September 2005.  This was his last message to me before passing on ….Life is a magic circle

Grace opens the door
you walk in
smile and play today
walk away
the choice is yours

no clocks to time you
no thoughts to bind you
only love surrounding you
in all ways

dance into this moment
heart open wide
and you will discover
all you lost
will be found again

Love Always, Beau

© Morgine Jurdan September 2005



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