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Dragonfly’s Joy

Two things to remember when climbing a mountain, or swimming in the oceans of your life. There is no distance except in your mind which focuses on the challenge in the moment, and the time necessary to get to where …

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How do you experience the beautiful sunsets?

The beauty which is me, is different you see. I have no eyes with which to view the world as humans do. This is a knowing sensation from the being a part of …

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Banana Tree’s Blessing

Remember wine takes time to become all it can be. There is a moment when it reaches that fine state of perfection. There is that moment when you reach that place where you can feel yourself flowing and in alignment …

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Creating Joy from Within


Playing and having fun is an essential part of your being. You are meant to create joy from within. It lies inside each human being, inside each heart. Love and joy is all that you are, and yet you …

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Sharing Your Song

The organ grinder sits all alone playing his music and the monkey dances upon his shoulder. You might wonder the dance which make his heart sing? It lives in his life played as a song. H is passion to delight …

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the all of it
comes home to me
inside the tunnel
the funnel of life
I break apart
and come together
the feather and I are one
undone into nothingness
and back again
the body whole
taken apart
into …

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Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom

May the day come
when we cling no more
finding freedom
in each other’s company
dancing our own dance
walking together
lost in our individual dreams

the love we share
honoring our unique and loving presence
in each …

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unconditional love & freedom

infinite love is just that
seamless endless forever
embraces everything
denies nothing
erases all definitions
no good or bad
no right or wrong
everything is perfect
it just IS ….
hugging or beating are equally embraced…

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About My Coaching


You like to Live As Love
Every Day in Everything You Do
Experience Deep Peace and Freedom
Once and for All Time

I am doing it and so can you!!

It began as a journey in childhood, …

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